Neurotic Origins

The Origin of My therapist told me to write a fashion blog:

Woody Allen walked into a bar. He saw a lady in a fabulous fur coat and louboutins sitting and drinking a Martini. He came over to her and said “ya know,a despicable sort of impossibly ridiculous thing happened to me today”. The lady turned to him disinterested and with a hint of sarcasm said “I see”. Undeterred Woody Allen continued “My therapist is nuts he told me to write a fashion blog”. The lady is now intrigued “Why is that impossibly ridiculous? Daahling fashion is life!” Woody Allen deadpans “Yes of course I feel the same way naturally, I’m very fashion-forward myself… but you see, my therapist is a nudist”. I was the lady in the fur coat and louboutins. Hence, this slightly neurotic-albeit wildly chic (if I do say so myself)-blog was born.