How to Choose the Right Running Jacket

Those who love running find it to be fun especially when you have the right gear. One of the things that determine how you fair in your running endeavor is the jacket you wear. Running cannot be fun if you are wearing a huge, heavy and hot jacket with no ventilation. The weather can be very unpredictable and it would be so disappointing to have a jacket that cannot protect you from sudden weather changes. In order to make sure that this does not happen to you need to know how to choose the right running jacket.


The right running jacket should be waterproof. Due to weather uncertainties, you need to be always protected from the elements of weather. Rain is one of the weather elements that can really frustrate you when you in your outdoor activities. The kind of a jacket that you need is the kind that does not protect you only from drizzling but from heavy rains. You did not get out there looking to catch a cold hence you need as much protection and flexibility as you can get.

Moreover, the jacket that you choose should not only protect you from the rains but also help in eliminating the sweat from the body. It is obvious that your body will perspire when you are running you need a way of eliminating the sweat to avoid soiling yourself and overheating. Go for a waterproof bag that has breathing ventilation. Such a jacket is also windproof and has the capability to protect you from the biting morning and evening weed. Do not fall for the lie that waterproof jackets whose seems are not taped are of low quality. Well, seems are always there and taped in waterproof jackets to prevent water from seeping through. However, there are those jackets that have no seems to minimize the chances of water from penetrating into the jacket. Those that lack taped seems might even be of higher quality.


Apart from a running jacket being waterproof, it should also be insulated. There are those cold days that you need extra warmth. In such a case, an insulated jacket would provide you with the best services. An insulated jacket will also ensure that you do not overheat due to its ventilation to lose excess heat and prevent sweat accumulation. A combination of insulation and waterproof characteristics make the best running jacket that should be your first option. The best time to have such a jacket is when the temperatures drop below zero degrees. However, you should realize that when you start running, the body produces its own heat hence you need a jacket that will protect you from overheating.


Vents are very essential in a running jacket. Sometimes, the amount of heat that the body produces can increase and it would be strenuous to run with an overheated body. When you go to get a running jacket, look for the waterproof jacket that has zippers under the arms or even mesh ventilation. These will help you to lose excess heat and prevent accumulation of sweat.


When there is precipitation, the chances of visibility being reduced are very high. Fogg, mist or even rains can reduce normal visibility, especially when wearing dark clothes. You need a bright or even reflective jacket in order to increase your visibility, especially when running along busy roads with motorbikes and vehicles.


Everyone has his or her own style. Some people feel comfortable with hoods while others do not. When choosing a running jacket, make sure to first consider the one with a detachable hood because you might not need to use the hood in a few instances. Other times, it might be rainy or even too cold and you will need to cover your head hence creating the essence of a hood. However, depending on your style, you can go for the hooded or not hooded running jacket.


You will have to pay for the innovation, research, fabric, performance, and development of the jacket. If the jacket is insulated then you will have to pay for that too. Therefore, you do not expect such a jacket to be cheap. However, a jacket within the range of 30 to $200 is okay unless if you need to look more prestigious.


The right running jacket is the one that can protect you from harsh weather and from overheating. When you go to buy one, you should consider its price and ensure that it is not too expensive. You should also consider factors such as the hood, visibility, vents, insulation, and waterproofness. A jacket which meets all these qualities can offer you all the protection that you need.

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