How to Choose the Right Running Jacket

Those who love running find it to be fun especially when you have the right gear. One of the things that determine how you fair in your running endeavor is the jacket you wear. Running cannot be fun if you are wearing a huge, heavy and hot jacket with no ventilation. The weather can be very unpredictable and it would be so disappointing to have a jacket that cannot protect you from sudden weather changes. In order to make sure that this does not happen to you need to know how to choose the right running jacket.


The right running jacket should be waterproof. Due to weather uncertainties, you need to be always protected from the elements of weather. Rain is one of the weather elements that can really frustrate you when you in your outdoor activities. The kind of a jacket that you need is the kind that does not protect you only from drizzling but from heavy rains. You did not get out there looking to catch a cold hence you need as much protection and flexibility as you can get.

Moreover, the jacket that you choose should not only protect you from the rains but also help in eliminating the sweat from the body. It is obvious that your body will perspire when you are running you need a way of eliminating the sweat to avoid soiling yourself and overheating. Go for a waterproof bag that has breathing ventilation. Such a jacket is also windproof and has the capability to protect you from the biting morning and evening weed. Do not fall for the lie that waterproof jackets whose seems are not taped are of low quality. Well, seems are always there and taped in waterproof jackets to prevent water from seeping through. However, there are those jackets that have no seems to minimize the chances of water from penetrating into the jacket. Those that lack taped seems might even be of higher quality.


Apart from a running jacket being waterproof, it should also be insulated. There are those cold days that you need extra warmth. In such a case, an insulated jacket would provide you with the best services. An insulated jacket will also ensure that you do not overheat due to its ventilation to lose excess heat and prevent sweat accumulation. A combination of insulation and waterproof characteristics make the best running jacket that should be your first option. The best time to have such a jacket is when the temperatures drop below zero degrees. However, you should realize that when you start running, the body produces its own heat hence you need a jacket that will protect you from overheating.


Vents are very essential in a running jacket. Sometimes, the amount of heat that the body produces can increase and it would be strenuous to run with an overheated body. When you go to get a running jacket, look for the waterproof jacket that has zippers under the arms or even mesh ventilation. These will help you to lose excess heat and prevent accumulation of sweat.


When there is precipitation, the chances of visibility being reduced are very high. Fogg, mist or even rains can reduce normal visibility, especially when wearing dark clothes. You need a bright or even reflective jacket in order to increase your visibility, especially when running along busy roads with motorbikes and vehicles.


Everyone has his or her own style. Some people feel comfortable with hoods while others do not. When choosing a running jacket, make sure to first consider the one with a detachable hood because you might not need to use the hood in a few instances. Other times, it might be rainy or even too cold and you will need to cover your head hence creating the essence of a hood. However, depending on your style, you can go for the hooded or not hooded running jacket.


You will have to pay for the innovation, research, fabric, performance, and development of the jacket. If the jacket is insulated then you will have to pay for that too. Therefore, you do not expect such a jacket to be cheap. However, a jacket within the range of 30 to $200 is okay unless if you need to look more prestigious.


The right running jacket is the one that can protect you from harsh weather and from overheating. When you go to buy one, you should consider its price and ensure that it is not too expensive. You should also consider factors such as the hood, visibility, vents, insulation, and waterproofness. A jacket which meets all these qualities can offer you all the protection that you need.

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How to improve your walking experiences?

Frequent exercises are the key for good health. And it doesn’t always have to be a long and heavy lifting or marathon session. Even the simplest exercises can give you significant health benefits.
That being said, a simple walk every day can help you achieve the healthy body that you’ve always dream of.
And to give you a head start, here are the best tips for successful walking exercises.

Choose the right shoes for your feet

One of the most important factor when it comes to walking is having a suitable pair of shoes. Make sure the shoes have a good fit on your feet for comfortable walks. Depending on your feet, you should choose shoes with suitable insoles. And if the included insole isn’t comfortable, you can always remove it and replace with a new one.

Shoes that come with good arch support, as well as heel protection, are always recommended when it comes to walking exercise. Moreover, your walking shoes will not require too many reinforcements and should come with relatively light weights.

Invest in quality walking jackets

How to choose a walking jacket? Well, first of all, you should look for jackets that are made from soft and light materials. It should also have good breathability to help to maintain your body temperature after a long walk.

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Always remember to warm up

Not having a proper warmup before any exercises, even the lightest ones, can and will lead to injuries. You should start with a normal tempo before start increasing the speed so the body can adjust properly.

Maintain a good form

Make sure your spine is always straight with your ears above your shoulders. Bend your arms at 90 degrees and keep swinging them follow your movements. This help propels your body to healthy motions as well as keeping a good balance.
You should walk slowly with small but constant steps. Make sure the heels land on the ground first before your toes.

Turn on the music

From my experiences, walking while listening to fast-tempo music is one of the best ways to enhance your performances. The strong rhythms of a song encourage your feet to move faster following a beat. As a result, you can earn more from listening to music while doing your walking exercises.

Tracking your performance

Always remember to carry a pedometer to calculate the distances that you’ve walked. Having a complete track of your walking results can help you plan the schedules for the next walks. Not to mention that it’s also encouraging to look at your previous accomplishments.

Set a goal first

It’s always easier to put your shoes on with a clear planned goal for your walk. Make sure you set up your particular goals for the next walking session be to go out and do it. This helps to clear your mind from distraction as well as boosting your confidence.
However, don’t set goals that you’re not able to achieve, at least in the time. Instead, focus on possible goals and divide them into small bite-sized pieces.

Go for a morning walk

Morning is the best time for a walking exercise. A successful morning walk will boost your energy and confidence for the whole day. It also allows for more productive work performance. On the other hand, most people tend to feel tired and mentally exhausted for an evening exercise after a long day of work. So doing a morning walk should be a better choice.

Go to bed early

And to prepare for your morning walk, you should definitely go to bed at early hours. Or else, you’ll feel extremely tired in the next morning, and wouldn’t be able to continue this healthy habit.
And even if you’ve gathered enough will power to get yourself out of bed, I’ll still feel tired throughout your running session.

Switch up your routes

Constantly walking on the same track can be quite boring. So you should vary your routes every once in a while to spice things up. Who knows, you might discover interesting routes with exciting friends.

Don’t forget to carry a water bottle

Though it is not as demanding as running, walking still make your body dehydrated. So don’t forget to carry a small water bottle with you during your exercises. And don’t drink too much water at once since it can cause your stomach to feel unwell and reduces your performance.

Stay indoors during stormy days

Instead of going out and facing the dangerous winds, you should stay indoors and work on the treadmill during stormy days. And if you don’t have a treadmill, there are tons of other callisthenic exercises for you to practice. Just don’t skip your training.

Every step you need to go through when buying a jacket

Our post will provide you all the essential information that you need to know about buying your next jacket. You’ll learn how to measure your body sizes for better comparison to the size charts. Moreover, we also introduce all the common jacket types that most people would want. In additions, we also include some of the most useful tips for you. Let’s dive in.

Measure your body sizes

Here is how to choose jacket sizes. Start by preparing a measuring tape to check your body sizes. It’s an important step to help you find a jacket that fits perfectly. You’ll be measuring your shoulders, chest, waist, torso, and arms. Make sure you note down the information after finish each measure.

Shoulders – measure from the back of your shoulders. Start at the beginning of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder.

Chest – stand up straight with your back in the right posture. Measure the circumference of the widest area on your chest.

Waist – start right on top of your navel and measure the circumference of your waist.

Torso – measure your spine starting from the end of the neck to the end of the belt line.

Arms – let your arms fall naturally and measure the whole length starting from the shoulder to the thumb.

Now you have a good understanding of your body measurements, you’ll have no problem finding a jacket that fits perfectly.

What kind of jacket do you want?

There are many different classifications depending on your criteria. In this article, we’ll be looking at different jacket types depending on their purposes.

Hiking – for hiking and mountain climbing jacket, you should first consider the place that you’re planning to go first. If it’s a tropical area, then you’ll need a relatively thin jacket with good

waterproof features. But if it is a snow mountain, then a warm jacket with multiple layers is required. It must also have windproof and good insulation to protect you from the cold.

Running – your running jacket should be relatively lightweight and come with good breathability. You don’t want to wear a heavy and thick jacket even during the winter. Since your body temperature will rise up relatively quick, a jacket with good breathability is required to readjust it to normal. In additions, jackets with colorful designs are also recommended to enhance your visibility.

Cycling – a cycling jacket should have most features of a running jacket since both activities are quite similar. However, if you’re planning in the rain, a jacket with good waterproof is always a wise choice.

Walking – For walking you don’t need a jacket that is too light since it’s not a demanding activity. Instead, depending on the weather, you can wear different types of jacket.

Outdoor – most outdoor jackets are used for dealing with the cold winter weathers. Make sure yours come with multiple layers to keep yourself warm.

Useful tips when choosing a jacket

Once you’ve decided what are the jacket types and sizes that you want, it’s time to look for a suitable jacket.

Avoid buying online without checking the product – you should look for products that are available at your local stores first and test them on first. After you’ve decided that the jacket is suitable, you can decide whether you should purchase it online or offline.

Bring a friend with good eyes – the reason why most women go shopping with their friends. Apart from the socializing funs, you’ll have someone to give you useful advice when buying your jacket.

Always choose a jacket that comes with a hood – it would be quite convenient to have a hood to protect your head from the wind and rain. Not to mention that most jackets come with a removable hood so if you don’t like wearing it, you can always take it off.

Decide what is the most important feature – always have in mind the most important feature for your jacket and base on it to choose the suitable jacket.

Hidden pockets – I’ve always found this feature extremely helpful. By having a small hidden pocket at your chest, you can keep all your important stuff protected.
And that’s how you should choose your next jacket. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.