High Class; Low-Key

Despite his villainous on-screen role as Thor’s ghoulish adopted brother Loki, Tom Hiddleston is actually in real life as  sweet as he is easy on the eyes. He’s pals with cookie monster, does flawless impressions of a slew of celebrities and unlike some A-listers, the down-to-earth star is known for putting his tiny, pull-ups-wearing, kiddie fans first. GQ UK’s Novemeber style issue features a sharp-looking Hiddleston lounging around on plush banquets and a regal armchair like a boss. The aqua hues and rich cherry wood that fills the room complements Hiddleston’s impeccable wine-colored suit, matching tie and a groovy Claret  turtleneck, .Dressed to the nines in snazzy-suits, shiny brogues and luxurious over-coats, the elegant actor fits the article’s title  ”Major Tom” perfectly.

{photosource: GQUK}