Where The Hell Is Prince Charming?

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Couture 2013

She uses her UBER app to call for her horse and carriage. Her Fairy Godmother charges $350 an hour for her styling advice. She gets more action from dating websites than the royal ball. The modern-day Cinderella is a self-made woman, but she still wouldn’t mind a hunky Disney-Prince type to ride along on a white horse one of these days..until then, she will be doing just fine, thank you (no thanks to her evil stepmother and stepsisters). Ulyana Sergeenko’s fall couture collection paints a darkly romantic portrait of the sophisticated, neo-Cinderella -she’s a bit more edgy and she much prefers sexy satin pumps to dainty glass slippers. The collection has the majesty and theatrics of a real-life fairy tale but with a dusky sexiness and a subversive glamour. Ulyana Sergeenko’s signature hour-glass silhouettes and dramatic necklines are incredibly chic and the collection’s refined palette and midi-length skirts are every bit on-target for this season’s polished look.

Let the clock strike midnight, this Cinderella just doesn’t give a damn.

{photosource: wwd, Disney}

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