POPular Mechanics

Dior Resort 2014

The late 90’s brought humankind the day-glo sporty pop-star look a la’ Sporty Spice. Remember S-Club-7? yeah if you don’t it’s not surprising- they weren’t exactly an earth-shattering development-  but in any case, the beach-bound street kids of S-Club reveled in said street-wise, day-Glo sportif while they sang sugary pop songs. Mesh tees layered over neon sports bras, spandex tank-tops and crop tops  flaunted tanned abs and low slung racing stripe pants, body-con mini-tennis-dresses, high-lighted messy buns, biking shorts and track jackets (think Britney spears circa 1998) created that perennial-gym-rat/ I’m not trying hard at all/ yet I am trying extremely hard to look sexy and sporty simultaneously look that completely engulfed the late 90’s pop scene till the early 2000’s. Dior’s resort collection has those same neon-tinged, sporty-sexy vibes: bold sporty hues like grey, navy, black, canary yellow, pale pink, lavender,  bright orange and cobalt blue make-up the color palette and details like zippers , color-blocking, and mesh overlay give a distinctly street vibe. But indulgent silk pieces, strappy stiletto heels, tapered trousers and feminine floaty-maxi-dress silhouettes brings that signature Dior ladylike elegance.


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