The Big Chill

Alexander Wang Fall 2013

Alexander Wang played with an “all bundled up” aesthetic for Fall 2013 and somehow he managed to make  cozy-as-a-snuggie concept rebellious, dark and retro-Bond-girl meets Russian Spy sexy. The master of Model-Off-Duty infused the fuzzy-wuzzy looks with icy insouciance and edgy indifference. Sumptuous cashmere, fur, mohair and ribbed knits were paired against supple lambskin leather smooth silk, iridescent embroidery and burnout velvet. Warped silhouettes like boxy coats broad-shouldered, top heavy coats and oddly draped waists made for an avante garde effect, as did the sock-hoods (hood-socks?), the furlettos (furry peep-toe heels), big furry bear-paw gloves and a fur sling/glove combo flirted with new-age obscurity. One major deviation from Wang’s usual offerings were the handbags. Wang’s bags are usually solid,smooth and minimalist  but this seasons’ dual-ended satchels resembled a deconstructed haute tool-belt of sorts, different but yet still architecturally confounding. 

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