The Emperor’s New Clothes

Alexander the Great is taking the reigns of a new empire; Balenciaga.  The king of

'model off duty' will be charting new territory, Balenciaga will  name Wang its new

creative director next week. Wang is taking over for Nicolas Ghesquière who is to

officially exit Balenciaga today. Wang is known for creating what is known as the

"model off duty look" a very urban look that emphasizes an overall rock n’ roll, street-

wise edge, a slim silhouette, drapey accents and draws upon a monochrome palette;

blacks, neutrals and greys. Balenciaga’s choice of Wang suggests Balenciaga might

suggest that the brand is going for a youthful, downtown chic, more accessable 

aesthetic, one that appeals to a  broader audience. 

WWD describes Alexander Wang as

A designer in the sleek-and-modern fashion mold of Ghesquière, but with a streetwise edge and a tinge of Goth, Wang has become one the brightest stars of the American fashion scene with his groovy T-shirts, studded handbags and high-impact fashion shows.”

Expect alot of studs, alot of black leather and jersey knits…Get excited. This is the best fashion news that’s ever happened to us "Wang Girls" ….since the Rocco duffel that is.