Memoirs of a Geisha

Prada Spring 2013 RTW

Powdery skin, silky hair, a collection filled with watercolor floral motifs, red Poppys and the like seemed to have been realized through bolts of satin. A heavy use of scarlet-red on the lips as well as on the actual clothes.  Silky Robes, stenciled prints, dramatic make-up and beautifully ornate Geta (Geisha sandals) mingle with quirky-tough elements like metallic leather socks and hyper-embellished cat-eye glasses. Miuccia describes the collection as trying to bridge the gap between tough and poetic and she most definitely succeeds. The collection has it’s own rhythm much like powerful poetic prose- a sartorial Haiku.

A story like mine should never be told. For my world is as forbidden as it is fragile; without its mysteries it cannot survive. ~Memoirs of a Geisha

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