Tune in to style

Joseph Abboud’s relationship with the Olympic Games goes back to 1988, when he outfitted NBC’s Bryant Gumbel for the network broadcast.

Now president and chief creative officer of HMX Group, parent company of Hickey Freeman, Abboud has stepped up his participation and will dress the entire male sportscasting team, on network and cable channels, in Hickey Freeman.

Abboud said HMX recently established a relationship with NBC, dressing Bob Costas and other sportscasters for “Sunday Night Football,” and the association grew from there.

Each of the Olympics broadcasters, including Costas, Matt Lauer, Pat O’Brien, Al Michaels and Jimmy Fallon, will sport customized wardrobes for their on-air appearances. “We don’t do clothes off the rack,” Abboud said. “We don’t just give them a bunch of boxes and tell them to see what works. Our goal is to make them all look comfortable in their clothes.”

For the opening ceremony, Hickey is producing a slim-fitting navy blazer with a custom-designed crest that incorporates the logos of NBC, the Olympics and Hickey Freeman. For tennis tournaments, parchment colored blazers with crests will be worn. “These are not the old Howard Cosell ABC ‘Wide World of Sports’ mustard blazers,” Abboud said. “We made them in great British fabrics in our factory in Rochester, N.Y. They’re heirloom pieces.”


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