Something In The Way She Moves

Stella Mccartney’s gorgeous spread for Vogue Uk’s April 2014 captures her mother’s lovely style- vintage elegance infused with a cool country twang and a bit of rock n’ roll.

Batting For Team Prada

I love  Prada spring’s sparkly sportif; but the brightly hued,athletically-inclined, rhinestone-studded collection’s price points are out of my league- fiscally speaking. So because I am my mother’s daughter and because I really wanted to capture Miuccia’s empowering, street-driven spirit for the season I improvised:

I paired Rag & Bone’s Bluebird jacket and American Apparel beret and leggings with Marc by Marc Jacobs shades, a J Crew navy tee and pleated sunburst skirt, a vintage necklace, Converse Hi-Tops, and a ladylike Asos bag that I covered in green Czech crystals in freehand swirls inspired by the collection’s riotous rhinestones.

Lady Bella Donna

Lady Gaga has a Wild Heart. She’s a free-spiritmuch like bohemian icon Stevie Nicks. Dutch masters Inez and Vinoodh strip down Mama Monster to her raw, restless, rock n’ roll  self- the soulful Stephanie Germanotta- for Porter’s beautiful 70’s inspired photo-shoot.

California Dream Team

Mad Men is back for it’s final season-  and the bi-coastal setting for season 7 lets the sun shine in to the high-strung drama as well as a glossy casual ease in the form of Meaghan’s bohemian head-scarves, sunglasses and   Pete Campbell’s Madras plaid skinny trousers and George Hamilton tan. But it’s not all Pucci scarves, Bell Bottoms and Good Vibrations- the sarcasm, subtly psychotic behavior and the tensions so-thick-you-can-cut-them-with-a-knife are thankfully still very much in play. 

 Cool Beyond The Pale

Dare I say it- Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are the chicest vampires of all time. These bloody beautiful pair of undead lovers do cast a shadow- a luxuriant, sensual, rock n’ roll-infused one- over spring’s more high energy looks. It doesn’t get much cooler than their sunlight-phobic intellectuals- Adam and Eve. 

The New Ingenue

Spring 14’s fashion is not  having an identity crisis-multiple personality diorder maybe. The season’ most coveted collection’s are embracing a bold everything-but-the-kitchen-sink look that includes Miu Miu’s coquettish  70’s-hustlette, Saint Laurent’s New-Wave nrock godess, Prada’s athletic/artsy “Pro-Aesthete”and Versace’s 90’s prom queen. The fresh-faced winners of the Ford modeling agency and V magazine contest-  Angelica Cooper Iesha Hodges and Rachelle take on the many facets of the ‘sartorial-Sybil’ that is Spring ‘14’s raucous “It Girl” look.

Mama Mia Miami

Stacy’s mom who?  Missy Rayder could take the heat but chooses to get out of the kitchen in fabulously retro 70’s summer looks as she shows off her maternal instincts and sunny disposition.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Street-fueled attitude and bold color gives spring’s ladylike looks serious edge.

The Oh. See.

Nobody puts Mischa in a corner. The beautiful Mischa Barton has been burned many a time by the Hollywood’s uglier side- and yet she gracefully stays above it all time and time again. Photographer Benjamin Kanarek captures the exquisite actresses’ intelligent eyes and her refreshing laid-back cool as she models spring looks from Acne, Dries Van Noten, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. 

Hot Air Fueled Va-Va-Voom

Sarah Pauley doesn’t have to travel around the world in 80 days to impress- she just has to strike a self-important stance in spring 14’s ego-inflating glamour in a vainglorious blaze of color.